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"The Proposal"

Jane Ellen, Jane Ellen, let's go fer a walk
Wi'll go deawn bi t'Three Steps and ave a good talk
Ah've summat ter ask thi, an' it's quite plain to me
It depends on thi answer, if Ah live or dee.

John Willie, John Willie, nah don't act sa numb,
If tha's owt to sey, well, Ah knows tha not dumb
Gerron wi thi askin', an' Ah'd like t'bet
As if it's worr Ah'm thinkin', tha not deein' yet

Jane Ellen, Jane Ellen, tha knows heaw Ah feel
Ah'm nobbut a bantam, and bandy as weel
But Ah love thi, and will do fer t'rest o' mi life
An' Ah wants thi t'wed mi, an bi mi sweet wife

John Willie, John Willie, tha thinks thar't no prize
Burr Ah don't reckon value accordin' ter size
Ah'll wed thi an' gladly, no duties Ah'll shirk
An' wi'll get wed at Wakes Wick, then tha'll loise no work

Jane Ellen tha's fair made mi eart beat like mad
Bur Ah'm not lookin' forrert ter tellin' thi Dad
John Willie, on that point, tha needs ave no fear
Cos Ah towd im misel, just afore Ah come here

Bob o' Joes

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