Words and phrases
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It wur a reet knacker wratcher (It was very hard work)

Babby werk (baby work) (A childish action by a grown up)

Parish Lantern (The Full Moon)

Parish Candles (Stars)

Axum back (Ask them back)

Beggar uv it wur... (The irony of it was...)

A stonkin' greight lorronem (A great many of them)

Mangy(Ill tempered)

Mi eyes're swappin' corners (I am growing exrtremely tired)

Pisspoor(Very poor.A criticism, not a financial statement)

Meitherin'.(Pestering, annoying)

It's aw baws (all balls)( A reference to the game of snooker)

Spon-new or Sponny(Brand-new)

Lugg (A knot in the hair)

Bacon tree(A pig)

Car thi deawn(Please sit down)

Hanch(To snap at....as a dog snapping with it's teeth

Nast(Dirt. Filth. Or as used by a workman before changing into clean clothes-"I'm in mi nast")

Yorkshire Oyster.(An egg)

Peighlin' away.(Hurrying. Also used of a sexual encounter as in "Ah wur peighlin' away when her husband walked in")

Ah could eight (eat) a cow between two bread vans(I am extremely hungry)

Tek thi face rattin' ( Advice to an ugly man)

Thrayklin' wom (Treacling home)(To wend one's way home)

A ponful (A lot)

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