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Get back int' cheese...there's a maggot short ( Be off with you, you insignificant little person)

Who knitted tha face an' dropped a stitch? (You're hardly Robert Redford are you?)

Worrart gooint do fer a face when King Kong wants his arse back? (Try going around with a bag over your head)

There's no show wi'out Punch(This person likes to be the centre of attention)

It's a good job thi balls are in a bag(What a shocking memory you have ,sir!)

Er's like Blackpoo' everybody's been there. (She is very free with her favours)

Tha weren't born..somebody grotched(spat) on't waw (wall) an t'sun hatched thi eawt.( You weren't conceived in the normal way)

Tha face is lahk mi backside....best eawt o' seet.(Your face is like my bottom...it should be hidden.)

Oi missis.. tha favvers a fairy on a muck midden! (A shout to an overdressed woman.)

Th' art too slow to catch a cowd (cold)(Do hurry up)

Tha'z a face like a line o' wet washin'.(Do stop sulking)

Serves yer reet fer playin' Hide-the-Sausage.(Said in church to an expectant bride)

Ah've seen moor air on bacon than tha's gett on thi yed(head) (You are going a bit thin on top)

Tha favvers tha's seen thi own arse (Do cheer up)

If wit were shit tha'd be constipated(You are not as funny as you think)

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