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A Miner was leaving his home for his work
When he heard his little child scream
He went to his bedside, his little white face
"Oh Daddy, I've had such a dream
I dreamt that I saw the pit all afire
And men struggled hard for their lives
The scene it then changed and the top of the mine
Was surrounded by sweethearts and wives

"Don't go down the mine Dad,
Dreams very often come true
Daddy, you know it would break my heart
If anything happened to you
Just go and tell my dream to your mates
And as true as the stars that shine
Something is going to happen today
Dear Daddy, don't go down the mine!

The miner, a man with a heart good and kind
Sat by the side of his son
He said, "It's my living, I can't stay away
For my duty, lad, must be done."
The little one looked up, and sadly he said;
"Oh please, stay today with me Dad!
But as the brave miner went forth to his work
He heard this appeal from his lad.

Whilst waiting his turn with his mates to descend
He could not banish his fears
He returned home again to his wife and his child.
Those words seemed to ring through his ears
And ere the day ended the pit was on fire
When a score of brave men lost their lives
He thanked God above for the dream his child had
And once more his little one cried

From a set of postcards printed around the time of the Maypole Disaster

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