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"Cheyp at t'Price"

So, t'pit men are at it agen, did tha say?
Fer a few moor quid on their ticket?
Well just let mi tell thi young shaver
Afoor tha starts cawin' their picket.

Ah've bin deawn a few abaht Wiggin in t'past
Some good, some middlin', some bad
But no lad o' mine will go deawn yon 'ole
An' sweat aw 'is life like is dad.

Fust yer shut in a cage, like rats in a trap
Then t'banksmon rings "t'men ridin" bell
Then thi belly aw but cums into thi meawth
An tha drops like a stone deawn a well

Tha spends afe thi time on thi ands an thi knees
Like a gnome when ee searches fer gowd
Thi meawth fills wi coal dust from t'fella in front
So tha keeps it fast shut when thart towd

Ast ever felt icicles run deawn thi spine
When tha see thi lamp start burnin' blue?
If tha as any sense tha'll get from theer fast
An' tek aw thi mates wi thi too

It but needs a spark from a sledge on a bar
Ter mek widders o t'wimmin above
Price increases eyt up what compen they'll ave
An aw they'll ave left will bi love

When tha's spent afe a lifetime diggin' fer coal
Tha learns ter sup ale by the quart
Thi meawth gets washed gradely, but there's nowt con shift
Aw that dust reawnd thi lungs an' thi art.

So, next time tha goes ter put coal on
Remember aw't men what's bin lost
Just ter let other folks moan in comfort
Abowt coal an what it aw cost.


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