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This is a site for Wiganers, either those living in Wigan now or those who have been away from God's country for some time.

Our aim is to bring you regularly updated snippets of news from the town and also we will have a message board where you will be able to leave messages for people either still living in the area or those who have moved away.

We will also have a gallery of photographs to show the recent changes to our town.

  • News Page

  • Gallery (Five pages!!)

  • My Dad's Story

  • In Memorium

  • Napoleon's Retreat from Wigan

  • Wigan Businesses I Recommend

  • Halls and Houses

  • Hangin' t'Boggart

  • Clogs and Shawls

  • Pit Brow Lasses

  • "Don't Go Down The Mine Dad!" (a poem)

  • Wigan's Cotton Industry

  • Shocking Cases of Child Cruelty

  • Lancashire Dialect Poetry

  • Bill Hilton's Poem

  • Letters to a Local Council

  • Lancashire v Yorkshire!

  • Learn to Speak Like a True Wiganer!

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